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Vitamin C is one of the most importent supplements our bodies require daily, but we dont produce. A daily recommend dose for a man is 90mg. and for a women it is 70mg. With a steady balance of vitamin c levels, has been shown to help impove the bodies health function.

Here are just some of the benefits ou get from a healthy vitamin c level:

  1. Helps to reduce the risk of some chronic diseases
  2. Helps manage blood pressure 
  3. Can help add in lowering the risk of heart disease
  4. May help add in the reduction of gout, by reducing the uric acid levels
  5. Help prevent iron deficiency
  6. Vitamin C is a great immunity booster, and supplement booster
  7. And finally great for brian/ memory, your thinking processes, and a great internal anti-aging supplement.

  Koko's Super Immune Burnt Orange Supplement flavor is the icing on the cake for this supplement. The flavor is bursting with all natural super fresh sweet orange flavor. Created all by using nothing but the best and freshest ingredients, to provide you all with not just a beneficial supplement, but a great tasting and very enjoyable one.

Super Immune Burnt Orange Vitamin C Natural Dietary Supplement

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Burnt Orange
$19.00every month until canceled
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